Memories of Our Wedding


Wedding Lake in Austria
Austrian Lake Tour

Plätte - original boat, owner made, handled, wooden. Decorated custom art local flower art.

Austria Tour Lake
Traditional Boat

Hallstatt, best view, lake tour, original, VIP attention, custom tour planning, event handling, all seasons.

Lakes in Austria
Tour Photograph Art

Emblematic Photos, life scenes, guest art, be in the picture, be in the scene, specialist photograph. Internet based tour report. We create experiences and lasting memories .

Tour Lake in Europe
World Culture Heritage Site

The best of the site from an experienced local guide. Finding the spots getting the angle and performing the pictures. Be there - enjoy the day get a spectacular record of it.

Marcela Mancilla

Contact for event design options, bookings, event date, event design preferences, customized and personalized, items.

Detail planning, get connected, get started, english, spanish, german. Personal attention.